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Ionithermie Cellulite Treatment Cost

Ionithermie cellulite treatment cost in Sofia is insanely low compared to the prices at which it is offered out this therapy. This is a great chance for those of you who seem determined to fight cellulite. So, take advantage of the vast experience I gained in ten years of practice as an ionithermist and manager in most luxurious spa on cruise ships.

 Types of Ionithermie Treatments

  • Cheek Lift and back of legs
  • Abdomen, waist and back
  • Lower abdomen and upper thighs
  • Stomach and upper arms
  • Legs buttocks, including the area around the knees
  • Breast Lift in combination with stomach

Every our client enjoys a professional service in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Ionithermie Course of Treatments Price

Single treatment - 89 leva

Suitable for first degree of cellulite. The first treatment gives us information on how your body reacts:

- To assess how many treatments will be needed to smooth out cellulite
- How many cellulite treatments for home use you need
- How to improve your eating habits and lifestyle
- What is the best program for internal detoxification and weight loss for you

Course of 3 treatments - Package price - 252 Leva

Used for second stage of cellulite.

Course of 6 treatments - Package price - 474 Leva

Suitable for cellulite stage 3.

Course of 10 or more treatments - 69 leva for each treatment. Price per package of 10 sessions - 690 Leva

Suitable for third and fourth stage of cellulite. Applies for intensive and long-term removal of cellulite.

Note: For details, visit the article stages of cellulite

To continue treatment at home and keep the achieved results use specialized anti-cellulite products Ionithermie. They are designed in France and manufactured in high-tech laboratories of the company.

Products are in homecare kits that incorporate a certain number of treatments to eliminate cellulite at home. Minimum number of treatments is 12, then there are 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or more procedures. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable.

Regardless of what package you choose, you will receive an individual program for nutrition, detoxification to maintain the results at home.

Slimming Treatments and Weight Loss Programs

As you already know Ionithermie is very effective slimming treatment. They are at the same price as the cellulite treatments. You'll get proffessional advice and personalized weight loss program. This includes the following measurements:

Measurement of total weight
Body water -% of fluid retention
Fat - internal fat %
Basic metabolism and metabolic age
Muscle mass
Bone mass

Measurements are free for those of you who conduct courses of treatments. The programs are based on measurements, your lifestyle habits and health condition. If you wish you can buy supplements and weight loss products, tailored to your individual needs.

Whichever program you start with, you will not be alone. I will be next to you until you achieve the desired results: lean, tight body, with smooth skin and no cellulite.


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